Hello friends, I’m Holly.

I’ve created this space as some kind of journal for my experience as I make my way through this overwhelming, often chaotic, but wonderful thing called life.

It’s also a platform to share my passions: living compassionately, sustainably and meaningfully, looking after our earth as well as each other; my slight (but I like to think healthy) obsession with languages, but also my belief the openmindedness and desire to explore and make connections with people which accompanies learning them can change our world; my love of art and design, something I really want to re-embrace – by hopefully sharing some of my own creative exploits on this blog, as well as those I find by other artists; and also self-growth, learning and challenging yourself every day to get closer to the version of yourself you want to be.

Obviously, I could go on, but that’s what the blog itself is for!

I hope this proves to be a source of some inspiration for your life, as I pour my own passion, inspiration and creative energy into it.

All my love (because that is all we really need).


More about me in case you’re interested:

21 years old. British European. Student of French, German and Spanish at the University of Sheffield. Now spending the third year of my course living and studying (well, some of the time!) abroad. Currently in Freiburg, Germany.

For more specific or random but clearly equally important questions, like ‘what’s your favourite colour?’ or ‘do you like hummus?’ (the answer is yes, clearly), click here to message me.