An Introduction

Hello friends, I’m Holly.

I’ve created this space as some kind of journal for my experience as I make my way through this overwhelming, often chaotic, but wonderful thing called life.

It’s also a platform to share my passions: living compassionately, sustainably and meaningfully, looking after our earth as well as each other; my slight (but I like to think healthy) obsession with languages, but also my belief the openmindedness and desire to explore and make connections with people which accompanies learning them can change our world; my love of art and design, something I really want to re-embrace – by hopefully sharing some of my own creative exploits on this blog, as well as those I find by other artists; and also self-growth, learning and challenging yourself every day to get closer to the version of yourself you want to be.

Obviously, I could go on, but that’s what the blog itself is for!

I hope this proves to be a source of some inspiration for your life, as I pour my own passion, inspiration and creative energy into it.

All my love (because that is all we really need).


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